The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is also convinced of the innovative potential of the project and supports the ZellTherQC within the framework of the KMU-NetC funding scheme with a sum of 1.9 million euros. In order to tap new market potential, SMEs are particularly challenged to renew their processes, products and services as well as their business models. SMEs achieve such innovative strength above all through networking, for example in networks and clusters. The SME-NetC funding scheme supports ambitious research, development and innovation networks in the form of networks and clusters with significant participation by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Cooperation is geared to the needs of SMEs and the innovation strategies or technology roadmaps of networks and clusters. KMU-NetC is part of the concept "Right of way for SMEs - The ten-point programme of the BMBF for more innovation in SMEs". With this concept, which is embedded in the "New High-Tech Strategy of the Federal Government - Innovations for Germany", the BMBF is promoting new ideas, new applications and new business models, and advocating the widespread dissemination and use of research results and model solutions among SMEs.


The project ZellTherQC, which arose from the ZIM innovation network „Cell culture 2.0“ aims to significantly improve the state of quality control in cell therapy. The different product/process and user perspectives are incorporated in the various sub-projects.